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D2 (SMASH! 2023)

In the process of talking about the song and its context, this article ended up being a primer to one of DJMAX Technika’s game modes. Sorry about that. [⚠ Images ~410 kB]

SMASH! 2023 Retrospective

I’m no stranger to the exhibitor experience. Yet, there were plenty of lessons to be found hosting my first ITG tourney and cab at SMASH! 2023. [⚠ Images ~1.5 MB]

Dynamic Routing & Filtering

A brief look into how my main categories for posts (the one you see in the navbar) works, and an interesting problem I came across regarding filtering.

#creative-jams • café clockwork

I like incorporating puzzles into the stuff I write or draw for #creative-jams; this is one that I did back in 2019. See if you can solve the mystery of the waitress who works at this peculiar back-alley café. (Hint: this summary is a clue as well!)