ITG @ 505: The Guide

FAQ 14 Jun ’24 • Update 9 Jun ’24

Hello! If it’s your first time here, you probably saw my sticky note and (a) wondered if that QR code actually works, or (b) there’s something funny going on with the cab and/or you’ve got questions. Great Fantastic – you’ve made it.


Although most of the common reoccurring issues should be addressed here, if you’ve come across a new problem or it’s something else, you can leave a message somewhere here, in order of best preference:

  • If the problem is something that can be sorted out immediately, ask if a manager named Gerald is around. If it’s a bit more involved than that, at least he can pass the message onto me.
  • Ask a Sydney regular who plays ITG, DDR, IIDX, or visits Purikura often for SDVX. Most chances they’ll know me if you mention any of silphur8, silphy, guy who maintains ITG at Koko, etc.
  • [Discord] #other-games, AUS DDR Events. I also keep an updates log in #general → Cabinet Updates
  • [Discord] #other-rhythm-games, Sound Voltex AUS
  • [Discord] #other-rhythm-games, maimai AUS. I’m not in this, but there will be people in there who’ll know me if you mention ITG

Reminder: You can DM someone on Discord without needing to add them as a friend, unless they explicitly filter non-friended DMs out (I don’t).

To keep my friend list accurate, I don’t add people unless I actually know them in person, which may require cross-checking, especially given the nature of online handles. Thanks for your understanding!

As of 22 August 2023, the cabinet is now the property of Koko’s, as I’ve received payment for the arranged sale. Wishing the cab a promising and healthy future 🙏🏻


  • If there’s pad issues, contact me as per above

p1 is too sensitive

If you’re coming from DDR, the short of it is to “unlearn” stepping as wide and as hard.

Solution: Play on the right side (P2) instead. I’ve designated P1 to be the “high-difficulty” side and P2 to be the “regular” side.

If the online events and the cab’s song libraries hint at anything, it’s that ITG can get very demanding, so optimal form is a non-negotiable. We have a high-level (25s, 26s) player who claims P1 ↑ requires so much effort to trigger that he had to stop after one credit to prevent injury.

The truth is, I’ve received complaints from various players, on both sides, covering the entire spectrum of (in)sensitivity after modding them back and forth.

In advocating improvement, which I think is the whole point of this game anyway, I won’t be tweaking P1 to be any less sensitive than it is, unless a panel’s full stuck.

But if you want to pass harder stuff, most of us recommend getting used to P1 as a start. You’ll probably find it hard to accept that way off/decents are inevitable and it’s tempting to switch them off, but just keep them on.

>it’s always form issue

screen is weird/at desktop/not in the actual game

Solution: Restart by unplugging the power cable and putting it back in. Staff rarely checks the back rhythm game section for problems, so if you happen to find it acting strange, it’s faster for you to solve the issue yourself.

The game will remember your credits across exiting/power cycles, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. If they are lost for whatever reason, you can ask one of the front staff to get them to reimburse the lost credits.

If you’ve found a way to replicate crashing the game, let me know. Example: one time there was apparently a pack (which nobody really plays) that StepMania didn’t like, so I just moved it out.

If you notice the cab in some weird state for whatever strange reason (say, a command line terminal, or there’s open windows in the operating system) I’d also appreciate a picture because who doesn’t like meme material.

I’ve tried to do a thing (systemd process) where the game will automatically restart if it crashes, but the catch is when that happens there’s no audio. Plug pulling is the easiest and most hassle-free answer as of now, albeit not elegant.

swiper doesn’t look right

There’s been a sighting of the swipers stuck on a white screen that once affected maimai and ITG, and restarting didn’t seem to do the trick.

Unfortunately, although a given, the swiper’s not under my control.

Solution: Wait a few minutes, if the cabinet’s just booted up. I’ve encountered the swiper just on a blank screen instead of having its usual startup messages, and then after about 3 minutes it worked.

Otherwise, try doing a power cycle for good measure in the event the swiper choked starting up. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, it’s probably a crediting system issue, in which case the best thing you can do is report it to the staff so they can escalate it to the tech. Keep in mind the staff at 505 are CityHeroes people, so they probably have no clue how to fix Koko issues themselves!

Features & Requests

I’d like a music pack on the cab

No worries, I can sort that out. I usually put on most of the packs from “That Spreadsheet” that’s maintained by the global ITG community.

Solution: If it’s on there, mentioning the name should suffice. Otherwise, shoot me a link or something.

So long as it’s actually for the pad, and appropriately rated, it should be fine. If it’s obvious that it’s a keyboard chart, or there’s unresolvable low-quality stuff, there isn’t much incentive to put it on as nobody’s going to enjoy it.

However, if it’s your content and you just want it on for pad testing, that’s cool as well. It’ll likely go in the AUS Junk folder for miscellaneous stuff unless you’ve made an entire pack (whoa okay, mad respect). Us regulars here are always happy to playtest and review!

can I participate in ecs/srpg/itl

Yes, you can:

  • ITL: In the Advanced Modifiers page of the settings menu (accessible by hitting enter twice upon selecting a song), enable all three options under FA+ Options for the best experience. Then, at the results screen, press ◀ or ▶ a few times (left takes less keypresses) until you see a QR code. Scan that, log in to GrooveStats if you haven’t yet, and your score should submit.
  • SRPG: Same idea with the QR code feature.
  • ECS: send me your downloaded ZIP profile from the website, and I can put it on. Because ECS requires switching themes and enabling profile select, I have to be there. Let me know when you want to do your set, and I can come out.

fsrs and leds when

The issue with LEDs is that apparently they depend on the original lights working. P1 ←’s connection looks busted, and P2 ↑’s input strobes when connected to the LIT board.

FSRs aren’t high on my priority list. If you want to crowdfund an FSRio and its sensors, I’m totally down, but then I’d have to consider how to interface the sensitivity controls – which means drilling panels for touch screens, getting them set up with Linux, then developing and testing. At the very least, I’d need a fair bit of help.

usb profiles and custom songs

Actually, the PC’s set up for it and ready to go, but

  • I’d need to drill a hole in the cab, and that’s a very low priority thing for Koko
  • Random people can plug in input devices (keyboard, mouse, rubber ducky) and mess around with the system

It’s easier to send me your songs to put onto the machine itself.

how do I stream from the cab

You can do the following yourself:

  • The HDMI cable from the PC connects to the TV on the left hand side. Keep in mind which port it was connected to. Connect the cable into your capture card, and provide passthrough back into the TV using the same port.
  • You’ll have to record audio using an external microphone.
  • A camera can be mounted on top of the TV; be careful though, that screen is pretty thin.

If I’m around (which means, you’ll have access to the PC):

  • Provide a 3.5mm audio splitter cable to allow direct audio capture.
  • I’ve written an API backend currently on the PC that can return score data for whatever you’ve played. You will need to provide your own WiFi dongle to connect to the PC, because your main one will be connected to your hotspot for the internet.


umm who are you, anyways

In the early 2010s, there was a DDR SuperNOVA2 cab next to the cinemas at Timezone (today, it’s a Koko, but today today, it’s turned into an extension of CityHeroes). After X, it was converted to ITG, and when the PC started to die out I was responsible for organising and setting up the new one. Our crew used to come out frequently to keep the pads working in top condition, and I organised a few competitions back in the day.

Timezone changed to iPlay, and in their final days, that cab was moved to Broadway Happydays (now iPlay), then subsequently went missing for several months. We thought with that was the end of an era for ITG here in Sydney, but thankfully we found it again at an iPlay all the way out in Edmondson Park. Nobody really goes there unless you happen to live near the area, so the pad’s been in a pretty bad condition. The last time I went there was to update the machine with ECS 10.5, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever have the opportunity to mod them given I personally know nobody at that venue.

Wanting to keep ITG in the city alive, I took an opportunity to purchase a DDR 5th Mix cabinet from a private owner who wanted it gone ASAP. As I had no space at all in my lift-less apartment, I decided to keep the cab at Koko and make it the next quality public ITG with the intention to sell it to them – which meant I had to get it in an “arcade ready” condition.

Update: As of 22/8/23, the cabinet is now theirs. We’ve made an agreement that I can continue to work on the pads as I’ve all this time.

What “arcade ready” means depends on how lenient you are. If you’re willing to overlook the lights not functioning properly (the Edmondson Park cab wasn’t either), the internal amp busted, or the PC occasionally rocking up some cursed states, the cab’s practically working the same as the old one.

By the way, I’ve never worked for any arcade (as floor staff or dedicated technician), and it’s not my intention to. You could call me a “freelance” volunteer who only wants to vibrate on good pads and help enable others to as well. If you insist, you can shout me some fud instead idk 🥣🍻

what’s the cab running on


  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Stepmania 5.1 (built from source using commit 21bb1db)
  • Simply Love 5.4.0 that I’ve modified (we call it the “Sydney Mod”)
  • J-PAC and LIT Board (not in use)

PC Specs:

  • Intel i5-4690 6MB 4.10 GHz
  • NVIDIA RTX 2060 (yep)
  • SanDisk Ultra Plus 128GB SATA III SSD (for WIP/current tournament packs)
  • Seagate 2TB SATA III HDD (for most songs where the pack has been finalised)
  • 16GB DDR3-1333
  • Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speakers
  • Retrofitted Hisense 43" A7G @ 4K60

what about the other one at edmondson park

  • Betson SN2
  • Intel NUC, i5-7260U 4MB 3.40 GHz
  • Intel 760p 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Patriot 4GB DDR4-2133
  • Retrofitted Panasonic 40" TH-40FS500A @ 1080p60

Latest Update

pad tweaks [13 Jun 24]

No recent pad modifications on my end, but a few observations:

  • P1 is not exactly in its former slide-sensitive state given the condition of ↑, but it’s still solid for mid-level content. It remains more sensitive than P2.

Both pads are pretty good for general play.

known issues [13 Jun 24]

  • P2 → may occasionally stick. I’ve only experienced it once briefly playing a tech chart (i.e. stepping a bit harder than usual), but I have been told some other players have had it worse streaming.

new content [ 9 Jun 24]

  • Around the World
  • coretech
  • Eventual Ascension 1.1, 2, and 3
  • Highflyer’s Shii-techy Mushrooms
  • Hubert’s Hubris 2
  • Jubeat Pack
  • LSG ver.2022
  • pack.dat.2
  • that’s so rachael

updated content [ 9 Jun 24]

  • ITL 2024, Pass 5 and 6 (i.e. every song except Polybius), as I didn’t have the time to upload it. You can still play this song in Cametech, however.

packs to upload

  • [23 Jan 24] 5.1 converts of OG mod charts
  • [31 Jan 24] Shpadoinkle’s new tech pack series, whenever it shows up on the sheet
  • [31 Jan 24] Reinstate missing songs from Dingoshi Ramen 2
  • [ 9 Jun 24] ITL 2024’s Polybius to be put in “Pass 6” folder, and renamed to “Pass 6+”