No JavaScript – What to Expect

Technical Reading
You probably know what you’re doing if you’ve disabled JS. I’ll cover the details to address your interest.

Ugly border ads, copy/paste + right-click disablers, newsletter modals on scroll, web history modification, bruh...

Cringe. I’m totally with you on this one – but I thought I’d want to let you know in advance what your experience is going to be like when JavaScript is completely disabled.

With the exception of Plausible to get a gauge on visitor numbers, I don’t bloat the site with annoyances or behavioural surprises. I also don’t plan to (at least in the near future) capture anything that’d make it compulsory to add a privacy policy, such as commenting, allowing sign ups for whatever reason, etc.

Things that Break

  • You’re stuck in light mode.
    • The button calls Element.classList.add to toggle the dark-mode class on the HTML tag.
    • Adding the dark mode class and inverting the logic doesn’t change the fact that the page is originally in light mode. As such, it’ll flash its original light colours then fade to the dark colours due to the transition being used when switching between the two.
    • Sorry fellow 3 AM friends, need to cater to the sunlight readers.
  • Accordions (used in places such as Koko 505’s arcade FAQ) won’t expand since they use click listeners to do their thing.

Alternatives Exist

  • External links won’t open in a new tab. This is because I programatically search for those links and add the appropriate attributes.
    • Just remember to middle click, hold Ctrl, long press/right click – whatever allows you to open a new tab yourself.
  • The search modal won’t show when clicked on.
    • This is due to hiding and showing things through DOM changes.
    • You’ll have to navigate through the post categories to find what you want.
  • On breakpoints smaller than large (i.e. ≤ 990px) the navigation will switch to a non-responsive burger menu.
    • Same idea as above.
    • You can alternatively access these categories by going back to the home page via the silph logo.

Figuring it Out

  • I keep the data used to render my past/current/backlog game tables in arrays for convenience reasons. I might split up the code into a helper tool locally, which can then do some uploading business with the resulting HTML.
Totally up to you, but you could also add an exception for this site if you trust me (and by extension, Plausible and Ghost).


  • Twitch (linked in the footer) requires JavaScript to even fully load the page 🤣